2020 was a Year of Challenges and Triumphs for Prospect Cleaning Service

2020 was a Year of Challenges and Triumphs for Prospect Cleaning Service

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“Our resilience was on display in 2020. In the face of adversity, we leveraged new business opportunities that enabled us to grow by leaps and bounds,” Prospect Cleaning Service CEO Ingrid Murray stated.

Reflecting on the past year, Mrs. Murray said it felt like the floor collapsed under the company when the Coronavirus pandemic forced New York to order a citywide lockdown in March. With office buildings closed, Prospect Cleaning Service lost dozens of private clients.

“It was devastating!” she recalled.

However, on the same day when she lost 15 clients in one hour, Mrs. Murray received a phone call that led to the largest contract in the company’s history. 

Prospect Cleaning Service won its bid with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the largest public transportation agency in North America, to sanitize and disinfect stations, terminals and offices in the MTA’s vast network.

There was an enormous task ahead for the small business, but Mrs. Murray was determined to rise to the challenge.

“We immediately hired and trained dozens of new workers and got the job done,” she stated. 

At the height of the pandemic, Prospect Cleaning Service enabled countless numbers of essential workers to travel safely to their jobs.

All the hard work was noticed.

On September 22, Prospect Cleaning Service was in the first group of honorees on Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams’ list of “COVID-19 Heroes,” people who made a difference in their community during the pandemic. 

President Adams praised her for hiring 50 essential workers who had been laid off from other industries during the lockdown and for helping retail businesses in Brooklyn to reopen after the lockdown was lifted.

The impressive list of COVID-19 Heroes includes Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves on the Coronavirus Task Force. 

Mrs. Murray credits her new relationship with American Express for aiding Prospect Cleaning Service’s expansion in 2020.

Prospect Cleaning Service is among a select group invited to join “Stand for Small,” a platform American Express created to provide resources to small business owners. As a part of the fall global digital campaign, she shared her story with Business Insider.

Through the program, more than 100 of the largest corporations in the country share their expert insights and tools with small businesses in the program. Those resources instantly helped Prospect Cleaning Service to get new contracts. 

“Our successes this year enabled us to give back to our community, which is one of our core values,” Mrs. Murray said. “For example, we donated cases of disinfectant, hand sanitizer and wipes to daycare centers so they can keep children safe from the deadly virus.”

In 2020, Mrs. Murray, a Jamaica native, continued her annual philanthropic work on the island. She donated funds to purchase uniforms and supplies for school children, as well as scholarships to help students achieve their academic goals.

She also held her annual dinner for seniors in St. Catherine Parish. Due to the pandemic, instead of dinners, the more than 150 seniors received bags filled with groceries.

Looking to 2021, Mrs. Murray plans to use her expertise to position Prospect Cleaning Service as an industry leader.

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