Not all cleaning is good cleaning. Businesses in every industry have a duty to the planet to protect and preserve it. We believe that professional cleaning services are no exception.

What is Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is about using innovative, responsible techniques and safe cleaning agents to minimize our carbon footprint. It’s about using the natural resources around us to create a cleaner and better atmosphere. “Cleaning is not just mops and brooms,” explains our CEO, Ingrid Murray. “It’s mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics. All of it.”

Prospect Cleaning Service prides itself on adhering to the philosophies of Green Cleaning. Every job is undertaken using a combination of state-of-the-art technologies and natural alternatives to harsh cleaning products.

Why Green Cleaning is important

Personal health is a part of Green Cleaning – after all, we are a part of the planet. Many cleaning products are packed with harmful chemicals, and the long-term effects on human health are yet to be studied. Some of the preliminary research is concerning – volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are believed to cause chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and headaches. VOCs can be found in many air fresheners, detergents, floor polishes, and aerosol products.

How we use Green Cleaning

Prospect Cleaning Service utilizes natural cleaning solutions – vinegar, lime, baking soda, etc. – to eliminate the risk of harm to their clients. Plus, the scent of our products are more pleasant and less artificial. For stubborn stains, oxygenated bleach is used resulting in clean, disinfected surfaces.

To protect the future of the planet, we have to protect the people living on it today. We believe that Green Cleaning is the only way forward for professional cleaning services.


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