During winter we all spend more time indoors, shielding ourselves from the harsh, cold weather outside. It’s imperative that our office spaces are professionally cleaned during the season to decrease our exposure to contaminants that may cause us to get sick. 

Winter cleaning is not just for aesthetics, but will also address health concerns. No matter how attentive employees are, they will miss details caught by professional services.

Here are reasons why professional office cleaning is important in the winter. 

Increase in cold, flu & other illnesses

Every winter there is a spike in illnesses. Germs that cause colds, flus, and other respiratory illnesses run amok, as we coop up to escape the cold. To make matters worse, COVID-19 still looms ready to prey on any slip-up. At Prospect Cleaning Service we ensure surfaces are professionally cleaned and sanitized in order to minimize the spread of these kinds of illnesses. 

Increase in indoor dust

Our environments get dustier as we spend more time inside, and drier weather results in more dead skin cells. As we shed these cells, they clump and become dust. Germs and dust gather between the keys on a keyboard, under carpets, under mats, and in many other areas around the workplace. Prospect Cleaning professionally removes dust and other environmental irritants. 

Increase in floor damage

During the winter, employees track snow and moisture into the office, soiling the mats and potentially ruining the floors. Rock salt is commonly used to help keep walkways clear of ice, but when carried unknowingly inside, it can create specific dust that’s harmful when inhaled. At Prospect Cleaning we provide mat and carpet cleaning that eliminate these risks – a necessary precaution.

Increase in poor air quality

Many offices carry air purifiers and air heaters. The vents and filters need to regularly be cleaned or else employees will breathe in dirty air. These machines require special tools to open and clean them properly. Professional cleaning services like Prospect Cleaning offers full equipment servicing as part of their packages.

With winter comes a spike in mental illness. Increased Time indoors and low socialization are thought to be the contributing factors. While there is not much to be done about the climate, a cluttered, dirty environment will further frustrate and depress workers. Keeping employees healthy and content is key to maintaining productivity through the season.

At Prospect Cleaning Service Inc we offer special winter cleaning packages that include floor rejuvenation (stripping, waxing, burnishing), carpet cleaning, window cleaning, high dusting, and other options depending on what is needed. Contact us at info@prospectcleaningnyc.com for details!


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