What is Green Cleaning, and why should consider it

Not all cleaning is good cleaning. Businesses in every industry have a duty to the planet to protect and preserve it. We believe that professional cleaning services are no exception. What is Green Cleaning Green Cleaning is about using innovative, responsible techniques and safe cleaning agents to minimize our carbon footprint. It’s about using the […]
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5 reasons why giving back is important to us

The season of giving comes early for us at Prospect Cleaning Service. Every year our CEO, Ingrid Murray, spearheads various outreach programs that the company conducts both in her home country of Jamaica, and her adopted home of New York City. It begins at the end of summer with our Back-To-School program. We provide children […]
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Why professional office cleaning is important in the winter

During winter we all spend more time indoors, shielding ourselves from the harsh, cold weather outside. It’s imperative that our office spaces are professionally cleaned during the season to decrease our exposure to contaminants that may cause us to get sick.  Winter cleaning is not just for aesthetics, but will also address health concerns. No […]
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