New Beginnings for Prospect Cleaning Service

New Beginnings for Prospect Cleaning Service

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Around midday on Jan. 25, Prospect Cleaning Service’s growing staff gathered around a large table. There were smiles all around the room, as they celebrated the company’s latest milestone. 

“We were having lunch together at our own conference room and it felt great,” Prospect Cleaning Service CEO Ingrid Murray recalled. “We sat and talked and laughed. And it was just wonderful.”

On that day, the company moved into its new facility at 249 Empire Boulevard in Brooklyn – marking a new chapter and new beginning for the rapidly expanding business that’s quickly becoming a leader in the cleaning services industry.

At the start of 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, Prospect Cleaning Service had 70 staff members. After landing a massive cleaning contract in April with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the largest public transportation network in North America, the staff nearly doubled. 

More team members were needed for the many new clients seeking professional cleaning and sanitizing services. The long list of clients ranged from the owners of commercial buildings and retail stores to medical facilities.

Last year’s massive growth forced the company to relocate from its former headquarters at Brooklyn’s premier coworking space BKLYN Commons

Their new facility’s 2,000 square feet of space provides ample room for the growing staff, as well as for storage of supplies and equipment. It also has a parking lot for the company’s expanding fleet of vans.

“This morning, as I drove up to our new location, there it was, our Prospect Cleaning Service sign on the building. I was filled with goosebumps and felt elated,” said Murray, noting that the sign gives the company more public exposure. 

This new beginning includes creating new positions at the company. As a startup, Mrs. Murray held multiple roles – everything from CEO to customer service representative and marketing manager.

Matt Wells is one of the new employees. He came onboard during the 2020 holiday season and serves as the business development manager, a newly created position to accelerate the push for new clients and growth.  

“We’ve made great progress through the years, and now we want to take it farther,” he said. “We are looking to add new territories and getting more granular.”

Some of the new roles at the company were filled by current employees. Donovan Biggs started on staff in 2018 and became operations manager in November.

“A big part of my job involves logistics, making sure the right supplies are available for specific jobs,” he explained. “As we grow, it’s critical to continue providing the high quality of service that our clients have come to expect.”

This may be a new beginning, but the commitment to excellence remains the same.

The vision that still drives Mrs. Murray and each team member is the goal of making Prospect Cleaning Service a national company and a cleaning services industry leader that’s known for its expertise and high quality. 

As the company expands by leaps and bounds, Mrs. Murray and her husband Courtney Murray, who started the company, are building a tight-knit team.

In addition to Donovan Biggs and Matt Wells, the executive team includes content coordinator Kimoy Morris, administrative assistant Nadia Bennett, and office manager/executive assistant Mia Bernard.

Around the office, Mia Bernard is known as Mrs. Murray’s “right-hand person.” In her seven months with the company, she has mastered the skill of keeping the busy CEO on track every day. Her multiple roles also include being the problem solver when client issues arise and HR manager for staff members – anything to keep the office running smoothly and the company on pace to reach the next milestone.

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