Prospect Cleaning Service’s Core Values Made Charity Work During the Holidays a Labor of Love

Prospect Cleaning Service’s Core Values Made Charity Work During the Holidays a Labor of Love

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Having compassion for those experiencing hardship is a core value that guides Prospect Cleaning Service’s philanthropic strategy.

That principle made it impossible for CEO Ingrid Murray to look the other way while so many community members struggled to make ends meet in the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the start of the holiday season, she helped financially stressed families to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Her holiday agenda also included an overseas event to help a vulnerable population at Christmastime.

“Our company is a part of a larger community that is tied together through our common humanity,” she emphasized. “If one member suffers then we all suffer.”

On November 21, Mrs. Murray partnered with Obocho’s Community Food Pantry, organized by 11-year-old entrepreneur Obocho Peters, to distribute grocery bags filled with healthy foods to families for Thanksgiving.

The food pantry, located at BKLYN Commons Prospect-Lefferts Gardens location, fed more than 115 families.

She also contributed to the turkey giveaway at the event by generously supplying more than 75 whole chickens after they ran out of turkeys.

Mrs. Murray’s philanthropy extends well beyond U.S. borders.

Every year, she commits to helping families in her native Jamaica live the high quality of life that everyone deserves.

In 2020, devasted families needed her support more than ever before.

The pandemic exacerbated the daily struggle of Jamaican families to make ends meet, as UNICEF recently reported. Approximately 80% of households on the island suffered a significant loss of income this year because of the economic downturn.

She didn’t hesitate to give a helping hand.

Mrs. Murray is passionate about education. So, it’s no surprise that she stepped in and aided cash-strapped parents who want the best for their children.

As a part of her annual giving to support education, Mrs. Murray funded the purchase of school supplies and new uniforms for dozens of kids. She also gave scholarships to enable students to achieve their academic goals.

On December 20, Mrs. Murray held her annual senior dinner in St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica. Due to the pandemic, instead of dinners, she gave bags filled with groceries to the more than 150 seniors who attended the event.

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