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Floor Waxing and Maintenance

Few aspects of our business take the pounding and abuse or are required to endure as much as our floors. That is also why floor maintenance services in Jamaica, NY, are so important and can make such a difference.

From the aesthetics to the practical, there are more than just a few reasons to invest in floor maintenance and services like floor waxing for your business.

Protecting More than Your Floor​

We don’t often think about our floors until they appear dirty, marred, or simply unattractive as a result of traffic and daily wear. The good news is, with regular floor maintenance services, you should never have to worry about your floors.

At Prospect Cleaning Company, we offer complete floor maintenance services to ensure your floors represent your business the way they should. And the benefits of floor maintenance go beyond protecting the life and beauty of your floor. 

Some of the standard floor maintenance services we offer include: 

  • Floor stripping
  • Floor buffing
  • Waxing
  • And more

The floors of your office, storefront, restaurant, and other types of businesses are often one of the first things people will see and notice. That also means your floors are also an opportunity to make an impression, either good or bad. Professionally caring for your floors also ensures that you will help protect your company’s image and reputation.

The Benefits of Professional Floor Waxing

While there is no mistaking the beautiful sheen of a professionally waxed floor, professional floor waxing services offer more than the benefits of appearance.

New York is infamous for its inclement and often wet weather. From rain to snow, and other types of moisture tracked in by visitors, customers, employees, and others, it is essential to protect your floors.

Professionally waxed floors offer an extra layer of protection to help prevent scarring and water damage and against the everyday abuse of foot traffic, weather, delivery carts, chair wheels, and other sources of wear and tear.

Need professional floor waxing services for your floors? Then you want the professional waxing services of Prospect Cleaning Company.

For All Your Floor Maintenance Needs

If you own or operate a business in or around the Jamaica, NY, area, and need professional floor maintenance services, we can help.

We have many options to choose from for your office cleaning needs. Our office cleaning and maintenance services can be provided on the following basis:

⦁ Monthly
⦁ Weekly
⦁ Yearly
⦁ One time cleanup
⦁ Bi-weekly
⦁ Quarterly
⦁ 7 days/week
⦁ 5 days/week
⦁ 3 days/week

Contact us at the Prospect Cleaning Company if you have any questions or to schedule your floor maintenance services today.

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