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Green Cleaning Services

Thank you for visiting the Prospect Cleaning Company. At Prospect Cleaning Company, we take pride in the work we do, and the reputation we have earned as a premier cleaning agency throughout the greater Jamaica, NY, area. As an effort to continually improve our services, we also strive to work with as many green products as we can.

Using all-natural products not only benefits the environment, but it minimizes the potential risks commonly associated with many powerful chemicals. Our experienced and friendly team at the Prospect Cleaning Company is here to help if you have any questions and to deliver second-to-none cleaning services.

Safe and Effective Professional Cleaning Services

With our more than two decades of experience and a reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable cleaning services, companies turn to the Prospect Cleaning Company for their cleaning needs.

From cleaning services that are safe for everyone, including green products that won’t harm our office furniture, equipment, or the environment, you can rely on our team for all your professional cleaning services.

Since we also make it a priority to work with only the most effective and safest all natural products, our customers can also feel better about working with an environmentally-friendly company like the Prospect Cleaning Company for all their company’s cleaning demands.

Professional Cleaning Services in Jamaica, NY

When you need professional, experienced, and proven cleaning services for your business, look no further than the Prospect Cleaning Company.

We look forward to showing you how we can help with all of your company’s cleaning demands. From floor maintenance to emergency clean-up services and more, you can depend on the Prospect Cleaning Company to help your company shine.

From regularly scheduled services to safe and effective products and a range of cleaning services for all your company’s cleaning needs, discover why companies rely on the Prospect Cleaning Company to keep their offices, facilities, and stores clean.

We have many options to choose from for your office cleaning needs. Our office cleaning and maintenance services can be provided on the following basis:

⦁ Monthly
⦁ Weekly
⦁ Yearly
⦁ One time cleanup
⦁ Bi-weekly
⦁ Quarterly
⦁ 7 days/week
⦁ 5 days/week
⦁ 3 days/week

Contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about our cleaning services, and schedule your next cleaning service with the Prospect Cleaning Company today. 

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